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Overview – French Colonial Apartments, Phnom Penh, Cambodia  

Since 2005 Claire Brown Realty has been working in the sourcing, acquisition, renovation, sale and letting of apartments in Phnom Penh, the surprisingly sophisticated capital of Cambodia.

Located in the chic riverside French Quarter of Phnom Penh (think Knightsbridge!) these beautiful properties combine original features with contemporary design. Highly desirable and easy to rent out, these units offer some of the best possible locations in Cambodia’s vibrant capital and have been carefully and lovingly restored. The properties all refurbishments (so there is zero construction risk to worry about) and come fully fitted and furnished in a style that will attract professional tenants. These properties are not available through any other agents.

Some highlights!

** Capital growth should hover around 15% to 20% per year as the Cambodian economy continues to enjoy its dramatic awakening.

For those thinking of investing in Cambodian Property, this opportunity offers all the benefits of being in a higher risk market, but is in actual fact a foolproof route to owning a sought after apartment in the best location of the capital city in one of the most feisty economies in the world today. If you are building a diverse property portfolio, you would be wise to include one or two of these gems.

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