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How are the general economic conditions in that country?

What else is driving the regional economy, aside from foreigners purchasing cheap property?

Who is behind the project?

What have they done before?

Have they a proven track record of high performance?

Have they delivered on their projected returns before?

What makes the development so special?What is it about the location?

What makes the project a zero/ negligible risk venture for the buyer?

Who is financing the project, and how can we be sure that finances stay on track?

How is the project underwritten?

Does the money go into escrow first?

Are the construction funds released in stages by an international bank?

Who is taking on the construction, and what have they built already? Who owns the land? What is the legal structure?

How is the rental return calculated? If the rental return is guaranteed, how is it guaranteed?

What provision is there for maintenance? Who will manage this?

Whilst every care is taken to ensure that all general information and descriptions of projects and properties on this website are correct, we do urge all investors to make their own checks and always to seek independent legal advice when purchasing property overseas. Information can be subject to change and whilst we do endeavor to keep this site up to date we cannot guarantee accuracy at all times.