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You need to understand what the investment potential is in the best of Asia Pacific's destinations. Success with making large, secure, swift returns is extremely likely in the region, if you select your project carefully.

Asia is a bit of a 'mind-jump' for those used to the well trodden, now fatigued locations such as Spain, Cyprus and Portugal...

...and yet growth in Asia is more realistic, will last l o n g e r and be stronger than anywhere in Europe.

Proceed with caution in the emerging markets of Bulgaria, Poland or Croatia . The economies are not anywhere near established in these places. It will be years and years before they can compete with the China, Singapore, Thailand or India - if ever.

Buying abroad is making an investment in that country as a whole.

You need to know that the general economic conditions can provide both growth and stability. 

You would be wise NOT to base your purchase on the sellers projected rental income.  If the rental income is 'guaranteed', proceed with extreme caution as your purchase price may well make up part of your rental income (less the accrued interest!).

Reasons to own property in Asia 's hotspots, over traditional Euro markets:

Strong, sustainable capital appreciation - tiger economies such as China , Thailand and Malaysia mean that 20%-40% growth on property values year on year for the next 5 to 10 years is totally reasonable to expect. This cannot be found anywhere else in the world. I have seen property prices more than double in Thailand in the last 2 years - it is not slowing down.

This is due in the most part to the booming economic conditions in the region, as large corporates outsource their production and even now customer services functions to Asian companies. Oil, gas and natural resources are still in abundance in the region, with more control from Asian Governments than in African nations, where only a tiny fraction of the petrol dollars make it back to the countries of source.

These countries are able to hire in or simply copy in Western developed best practice and methodologies in all areas in business. They are then able to compete and win head to head against Euro/USA bids as they have all the advantages without the high unit costs of the West. Taxation is also much less of a burden within developing nations, so everybody is better off - from corporations to individual workers.

The properties I specifically promote are popular with wealthy expats living and working in financial centres such as Singapore , Hong Kong, Shanghai , KL etc. This is the main market group for holiday lets and resale. Most expats are happy to pay a premium to buy or rent truly super property. This is a blossoming and established marketplace.

The rental season in the tropics is  52 weeks a year - not 12 weeks, as with Spain and France ... Rental returns should never be less than 12-15%.

The island and beaches of SE Asia are the worlds best. There will never be a shortage of tourists and people making the lifestyle choices to go and live in these beautiful locations.

The low cost of living in SE Asia means long term stays and holidays still work out cheaper than anywhere in Europe , even including long haul flight prices.

The traditions, friendly culture, restaurants, spas and scenery are all quite amazing. SE Asia is already popular with tourists throughout the world

This strengthens the general economy, rental return income and resale values considerably.

Example: Koh Samui , Thailand ,  in particular, is one of the most promising places in the world to invest in right now.

On Samui currently, there is a high class marina under construction, a new airport is being planned to receive larger jets from Europe, the Marriott Group have just purchased land and are building a huge luxury spa resort, and the regions first 6 star hotel opened last year to rave reviews.

Property prices are climbing at 30% per year on average, and will do so for another 4 or 5 years at least.

Whilst every care is taken to ensure that all general information and descriptions of projects and properties on this website are correct, we do urge all investors to make their own checks and always to seek independent legal advice when purchasing property overseas. Information can be subject to change and whilst we do endeavor to keep this site up to date we cannot guarantee accuracy at all times.